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Our site Tax Attorney Brea knows that it is necessary to hire the right tax attorney if you have tax issues such as being audited, having IRS tax debt, tax liens, garnishments, levies or being accused of investment fraud or other IRS-related concerns. Please do not avoid the IRS with your tax problems your issues will only get worse, it is best to get a tax lawyer. If you wait too late you could be subject to tax penalties that include fines, interest, liens, garnishment and other penalties up to imprisonment. With serious matters such as these, should find an attorney who specializes in tax law. Many people make the mistake of just picking an attorney without knowing what their specialty is. You wouldn't want a personal injury attorney handling your tax case. Most good attorneys specialize in a specific field. When dealing with tax problems it is best to hire a tax attorney with a proven record of success with handling client's cases with the IRS.

Another thing to consider when hiring a tax attorney is the cost. That all depends on the complexity of the case and how many hours it may take to remedy the problem. Our company works also with CPA's and enrolled agents, which sometimes can be used to lower the cost in preparing past years returns and working out a payment plan with the IRS or an offer in compromise (OIC). Most times the cost of hiring our firm is much cheaper in the long run than going at it alone with the IRS.

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Tax Attorney Brea will perform all services necessary to aggressively advocate your position throughout trial. We will:

Prepare or review the Petition or Complaint and other amended or

supplemental pleadings;

Prepare and continuously revise the Trial Outline and Trial Notebook;

Research the relevant Internal Revenue Code, Regulations and case law;

Interview witnesses, including taking depositions when necessary;

Organize evidence and prepare demonstrative exhibits for trial;

Conduct discovery and take depositions of adverse witnesses.

Discover what evidence IRS District Counsel intends to introduce at trial;

File all strategically advantageous motions, such as motions to dismiss and

motions in limine;

Negotiate to obtain the best Stipulations and Requests for Admissions from

District Counsel;

Prepare the pre-trial and post-trial briefs;

Meet with the Tax Court Judge and District Counsel for all pre-trial

conferences and trial preparation;

Aggressively advocate the taxpayer's position at trial;

An experienced tax professional in Brea is best qualified to handle the intricacies of the tax codes and procedural rules, as well as advocate all objections in a timely manner during trial.


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